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The Sentinel

Here we have our The Sentinel section. Don't mind the smells of vanilla and pine - and the soothing music - Jim Ellison is very sensitive to certain things.

Story Title Description
Don't You Get Annoyed? Jim eavesdrops on a conversation about himself and Blair.
Added June 01/02
Drabble - The Tie That Binds A drabble - while Blair is in hospital, Simon muses.
Added August 10/02
Friendship - They Showed Us the Meaning Daryl writes an essay on friendship for his English 104 class.
Added August 29/02
WARNING: Death Story
Musings Blair muses in an epilogue to the episode "Dead Drop".
Added June 02/02
Observer, Observed It's Jim's turn to observe Blair.
Added June 02/02
Random Questions - Blair It's Blair's turn for the random questions... Part of the 'Random Questions' set posted to PhilosophySphere.
Added August 05/02
Revelations & Explanations What happens when the Guide is fatally injured?
WARNING: Death Story


Dark Angel/The Sentinel:

Story Title Description
Interwoven Strands Takes place (mostly) after the Dark Angel episode "Cold Comfort", first season. Who exactly is in Max's family tree?
Added June 02/02

Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel:

Series - A New Path:
Story Title Description
1. Things Unforeseen & Things Unexpected After the events in "Upgrades", Jack finds himself having problems with his senses - and Daniel knows who to go to for help.
Spoilers for "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" and "Upgrades".
2. Steps Along a New Path Jack and Daniel are recalled to the SGC, and Jim and Blair return to work.
3. Calls For Help Jack is having problems sleeping - and then Jim and Blair get a call for help.
(Co-ordinator's Note: This is a cliffhanger.)
4. Retrieved & Restored The rescue mission is launched - and the SGC and both Sentinel/Guide pairs get a surprise.
Added August 05/02

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