Drabble - The Tie That Binds

by Loui

I don't own them. Pet Fly, UPN, SciFi Channel (and anybody else that should be on the list but that I've missed) own the rights to them. I'm just borrowing them temporarily. I'd keep them if I could, unfortunately I can't. ~Pouts~
"Drabble - The Tie That Binds" is copyright © Loui.

Love was the key, mused Simon as he stood at the doorway of the hospital room that was Ellison's current home. Jim hadn't moved from his partner's bedside - unless to answer the call of nature - for the past two days. The nursing staff knew better than to argue with him, besides, everybody knew Blair would wake up quicker if Ellison was near.

Love had pushed Ellison clear of the bullet; love would pull Blair through now. Love would cause the mother-henning Blair would face when he woke up and love would be why he put up with it.

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