Random Questions - Blair

by Loui

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Name? Blair Sandburg. What's yours? How long have you been a researcher like this?

Age? You're as young feel. It's a cliché but it's true.

Occupation? I'm so not in to labels, but if you need an official one, I'm a detective with the Major Crimes Division of Cascade PD. Personally, I'd label myself as a student of life in all its many forms.

Marital status? Single... for now.

Parents? Well... there's Mom.

Are they still living or deceased? Naomi? She's still very much alive! Ask her a question like that and you'll end up enmeshed in a three-day metaphysical debate.

Hobbies? You mean besides teasing Jim? Learning. I live to learn.

Best quality? I'd have to say tenacity, when I know something is the right thing to do or that it's important, I don't give up.

Worst quality? Um... My seemingly natural ability to attract every psycho in a hundred mile radius.

Hopes for the future? To still be alive to enjoy it is a biggie. The main thing, the most important thing, is to be there for Jim. Sentinel and Guide together.

If we live to be old and crotchety that would be great, if we die in the line of duty, well that would be the breaks. As long as we are able to serve and protect the tribe as best as we can, for as long as we can, we'll both be happy.

If you could meet one person - alive or dead - who would it be? Jeez... pick an easy one, why don't you?! If I only get to pick one, I'd have to say Gandhi.

Who do you admire most? Jim.

Favourite food? Contrary to popular belief, not algae shakes. To be honest, pancakes and maple syrup.

Favourite film? Star Wars.

Favourite book? I could never pick just one.

Good luck with your research! Gotta go. I'm on duty in an hour.

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