Thoughts on a Friend...

by Loui

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Author's Notes: This is a double drabble (i.e 200 words) for a moment from one of my favourite Stargate SG-1 episodes, The Fifth Race.

The dialogue quote is from memory, so apologies if it is inaccurate. The drabble starts right after the dialogue.

"...and bottom line, sir. What about Jack? Right now, I'm probably the closest chance he's got to communicating in any kind of normal level. I can't leave him like that, and I won't..."

Sitting at the conference table in the briefing room at the SGC, Jack O'Neill strove to keep his face expressionless. He might not be able to control the words coming out of his mouth, or his actions, but he could damn well keep his face still.

Not that it mattered. Danny was staring at him with his 'I see right through the act, O'Neill' look. It was kind of annoying, humbling and gratifying at the same time.

Annoying was the fact that he was career military - special forces, military intelligence, at that - he shouldn't be that easy to read.

Humbling and gratifying was the fact that there was someone he trusted that could see past his barriers to the man beneath. Hell, whom did he think he was kidding? The first time Daniel Jackson had given him his shy, 'aw shucks' grin, he had known the kid had won a place in his heart. Fighting the feeling had been a lost cause.

Staring across at his best friend, Jack O'Neill's heart beat a little easier. Daniel'd help figure this out or bust a brain cell or three trying.

His best friend wouldn't ever give up. Neither would he.

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