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Here we have our Stargate SG-1 section. Please be careful not to step past the yellow borders - standing right in front of a Stargate when it opens is not a good idea. Oh, and don't mind the pottery shards over in the corner - Dr. Jackson hasn't had a chance to finish his cataloguing yet.

Story Title Description
Days in December Follows Jack and Daniel through four random days in December 2000 leading up to the 25th.
Added June 02/02
Drabble - Death - Life A drabble; Jack thinks about Death and Life.
Added August 10/02
I've Had Enough! Jack gets a few things off his chest. Takes place after "Upgrades".
Added June 02/02
Preserving Hope Daniel is seriously injured on a mission; what else is new?
Added June 02/02
The Quiet Ones A young Daniel, pre-Stargate...
Added August 08/02
Thoughts on a Friend... Double drabble that takes place during "The Fifth Race"; Jack thinks about Daniel.
Added August 05/02


Earth Final Conflict/Stargate SG-1:

Story Title Description
NEW! Gateways SG-1 take an unplanned detour to another dimension and end up taking a couple of friends back to their own dimension for a nice, relaxing time - not!
Added August 05/02

Stargate SG-1/The Sentinel:

Series - A New Path:
Story Title Description
1. Things Unforeseen & Things Unexpected After the events in "Upgrades", Jack finds himself having problems with his senses - and Daniel knows who to go to for help.
Spoilers for "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" and "Upgrades".
2. Steps Along a New Path Jack and Daniel are recalled to the SGC, and Jim and Blair return to work.
3. Calls For Help Jack is having problems sleeping - and then Jim and Blair get a call for help.
(Co-ordinator's Note: This is a cliffhanger.)
4. Retrieved & Restored The rescue mission is launched - and the SGC and both Sentinel/Guide pairs get a surprise.
Added August 05/02

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