Drabble - Relaxation

by Loui

Disclaimer: The Mirisch Corporation, MGM, Trilogy and a few others that I've forgotten about own the rights to Magnificent Seven, I don't. Just borrowing them temporarily.
"Drabble - Relaxation" is © Loui.
Notes: Thanks to Mog for creating the ATF AU. It is so much fun to play in.

Breeze blowing gently through the trees that edged it, the campsite was filled with the sound of gentle conversation. Buck was playfully chasing JD with the Super-Soaker that he had packed for just this purpose and Josiah and Nathan sat around the campfire and discussed the merits of homeopathic medicine.

Ezra Standish eyed the cards in his hand with care and then raised his sparkling green eyes to his playing partner. Face solemn, the Southerner said, "Go Fish, Mr. Tanner."

Chris Larabee poked carefully at the fish cooking in the pan, smiled and said, "Okay everyone, five minutes till dinner."

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