Drabble - A Typical Day

by Loui

Disclaimer: The Mirisch Corporation, MGM, Trilogy and a few others that I've forgotten about own the rights to Magnificent Seven, I don't. Just borrowing them temporarily.
"Drabble - A Typical Day" is © Loui.
Notes: Thanks to Mog for creating the ATF AU. It is so much fun to play in.

A hush fell over the warehouse as the guns fell silent. It was supposed to have been a straight forward operation. Team Seven had infiltrated the operation of their assigned target - the largest arms dealer in the State; Team Seven got the evidence they needed, set up the buy and the teams assigned to the warehouse moved in to arrest the members of the illegal operation. Everyone goes home...

Buck Wilmington knelt beside the slumped form of Ezra Standish and checked for a pulse. Hand bloody, Wilmington screamed, "I need a medic! Agent down!"

Not straight forward at all.

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