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Magnificent Seven

Welcome to the Magnificent Seven section. Make sure you stay out of the way of the horses; and please do not scratch the Jag over in the corner - its owner is most particular about things such as that.

Story Title Description
A Birthday Gift OW story. Maude gives six-year-old Ezra a birthday gift.
Added June 01/02.
Drabble - A Typical Day ATF story. Drabble about a bust by Team Seven.
Added August 10/02.
Drabble - Relaxation ATF story. Drabble - Team Seven relaxes.
Added August 10/02.
Drabbles ATF story. Assistant Director Travis thinks about Team Seven.
Added June 01/02.
Hoofbeats OW story. A moment of introspection for Chris.
Added Mar. 03/02.
Not On Our Watch ATF story. A paramedic's view of Team Seven.
Added June 01/02.
Santa's Little Helper ATF AU story. What happens when the Denver ATF plays Secret Santa, and someone picks Chris Larabee?
Unexpected Fortune ATF story. What happens when Vin and Ezra win the lottery?
Added June 01/02.
A Vow Made ATF story. The team is at a children's party after a disastrous mission.
Added August 08/02.


The Magnificent Seven/Highlander:

Story Title Description
A Surprising Past Ezra Standish receives some unexpected and unpleasant news from his mother's old friend Duncan MacLeod, and MacLeod's friend Adam Pierson. (M7 ATF)

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