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Here we have our Highlander: The Series section. Please make certain that you have your grounding bracelets with you - sometimes we get some extraordinary electrical effects in this part of the station.

Story Title Description
After Dinner Complications Methos is at a fancy dinner in Seacouver when an earthquake occurs. Takes place after "Comes A Horseman" and "Revelations 6:8".
The Blahs Joe is worried about Mac; Methos is amused.
Added August 06/02
Minor Incidents Methos is having a really, really bad day.
Watching Double drabble - Joe watches.
Added June 01/02


Earth Final Conflict/Highlander:

Series - Surprises:
Story Title Description
1. A Chance Encounter Liam's curiosity leads to an encounter with the Oldest Living Immortal.
2. Surprises Liam, Methos and Sandoval all find themselves surprised.
3. Seacouver Interlude Sandoval seeks out more help for Liam. (Also crossover with Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.)

The Magnificent Seven/Highlander:

Story Title Description
A Surprising Past Ezra Standish receives some unexpected and unpleasant news from his mother's old friend Duncan MacLeod, and MacLeod's friend Adam Pierson. (M7 ATF)

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