Random Questions - Robbie

by Loui

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Author's Notes: Decided to do a Random Questions for Robbie as well...

Name? Robbie Kincaid.

Age? 15

Occupation? You're not drunk, are you? What kind of question is that? I'm 15! I'm a kid! I'm still at school!

Marital status? Are you sure you're not drunk? Single, you twit!

Parents? I love my new ones.

Are they still living or deceased? You're either drunk or you've got the attention span of a gerbil. My adoptive father and his new wife are very much alive!

Hobbies? Puzzles - that's Liam's influence. Cooking - that's Grandpa's... I mean... Sandoval's...

Best quality? My sense of humour.

Worst quality? Learning to trust... with Dad's help, I am learning.

Hopes for the future? A long, peaceful life with my friends and my new family.

If you could meet one person - alive or dead - who would it be? Siobhan Beckett. I'd love to tell her that I'll look out for Liam for the rest of my life.

Who do you admire most? Liam.

Favourite food? Pizza.

Favourite film? Shane.

Favourite book? Well, I'm reading the history of the Medici family right now. I think Sandoval might be one of them reincarnated... he's devious enough. I still love him, though.

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