A Strange Request

by Loui

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Liam took a deep breath and knocked on the door to the office. He had to do this quick before he changed his mind. What he was about to do was so 'out there' that even Augur wouldn't believe it.

He stuck his head round the door to see the occupant of the office glance up with an expression best described as a promise of doom for whomever had been so foolhardy as to interrupt him.

Wonderful, thought Liam. Why did I pick today to do this?

Because I've chickened out three times already. For God's Sake! He's not going to eat me!

"Uh, Sandoval, got a minute?" Liam hated the fact that he sounded so tentative, but he was so nervous about this entire situation he just couldn't help it.

Sandoval's terse reply of "What is it, Major?" did nothing to calm his nerves.

"I have a favour to ask, Sandoval."

That statement produced a rare reaction from Sandoval; he couldn't disguise the astonished blink that followed it. It was so unexpected. Relations between the two of them had never exactly been cordial, Liam's proclivity for saving his life notwithstanding.

Sandoval's startled silence allowed Liam to plough on before he could change his mind. "...and so I was wondering if you would agree to accept the responsibility..."

Sandoval shrugged out of the half daze he was in, realising that he had not heard anything the Major had said.

"Sorry, Liam. Could you repeat that? My mind was elsewhere."

Liam stood there, unable to believe that having worked up the courage to make the request Sandoval hadn't even been listening!

"I asked if you would agree to be listed as my emergency contact in case anything happens to me. Also to be a witness to my Living Will. I realise this is an imposition, but Lili was my previous contact, now that she is gone I don't have anyone else to ask..."

There were several moments of silence in the office and Liam took up a keen interest in the view from Sandoval's window. He was beginning to think this had been a really bad idea when Sandoval said, "Yes, Major, I would be more than willing to do so."

Liam murmured his thanks and had turned to leave the office, happy to have this ordeal over with, when Sandoval hit him with one more surprise.

"In fact, Major, I would like to thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Captain Marquette also functioned as my contact in these matters. Would you consider fulfilling that role now?"

Stunned, Liam nodded.

"Forward me your current information and I'll make the necessary arrangements for us both. The lawyers will draw up the papers for us sign to sign tomorrow. Is that fine with you?"

"I'll see you here tomorrow at noon."

Sandoval acknowledged him with a wave and returned to work as Liam exited the office.

Well, thought Liam. That was unexpected.

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