I Thought They Were Going to Kill Each Other - Renee

by Loui

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I still can't believe he did that! He just finished one firefight and he brazenly walked right into another one. With Sandoval!

I mean, Sandoval may have had his suspicions about him before but now; Liam may as well have put a label on himself that says Resistance! What was he thinking? True, Sandoval had had his hand revealed too. The man was clearly not working on behalf of Zo'or. That brought a whole new dimension to the game. The old rulebook was going to have to be thrown away.

They just stood there - it was absolutely surreal. Both stood there, weapons raised, arms steady and neither of them fired. Their eyes were the real gauges of what they were thinking and neither of them wanted to fire. That I'm sure of.

I could have expected that reaction from Liam. I'll never forget the tone of his voice when he said, "He's my father" to me. I knew then that I could never get Liam to see Sandoval as just a surrogate. Sandoval's reluctance to fire did surprise me, though. He's never hidden the fact that he had questions about Liam's loyalties... You know, Liam may be right. There might be something about Sandoval that's worth salvaging - if we can ever figure out what side he's really on!

You know I actually shut my eyes when they fired - I couldn't bear to look. When I opened them, I was relieved to see that they'd 'pulled their punches'. Sandoval didn't kill him; at that range a skrill is lethal, that meant Sandoval had deliberately not used full force. Neither had Liam. That Jaridian weapon is lethal; I know that from first-hand observation. Liam must have lowered the settings.

Sandoval made his escape and Liam's survived. For now. What's going to happen if we ever make it off this ship? I have absolutely no guess.

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