He'll Fit Right In

by Loui

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Lieutenant Harding Welsh pulled his office door shut with one hand; the other kept a firm hold of the leftover birthday cake from the hastily organised - and suitably weird - birthday party that had been held for Detective Ray Vecchio 'aka' Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski.

It was still amazing to him how he had managed to be the man in charge of the only squad in the city that would quite willingly play at kicking cabbages and bobbing for trout. Not to mention the fact that the waiting staff had been the criminally demented class of butlers that had been residing in the squad room all day while the ruckus over the minor melee that they had held over the correct placement of a spoon was sorted out!

Walking through the precinct building and out towards his car, munching contentedly on his portion of the birthday cake, Harding Welsh mulled over the other events of the day. He hadn't been sure how the situation was going to pan out between the Constable and Kowalski. Ray - the first one - had developed a strange but successful partnership with Fraser; it had been the only thing that he, Vecchio and the Feds had had doubts about Kowalski being able to pull off. He could do the rest of it with no trouble at all; he was a very good undercover guy - that was why he'd been offered the gig in the first place.

By the end of the first forty-eight hours - performance arsonist and initial confusion included - he could see that the two men were going to be able to work together. Even so, his earlier protestations to his detectives to the contrary, he'd been both relieved and amazed to see the new guy walk into the squad room ready and willing to face IA on Vecchio's and his squad's behalf.

When Kowalski and Fraser had walked in side by side, instinctively matching steps; he'd felt a familiar surge of affection and worry in his heart. The last time he'd felt it had been when he'd first realised that Vecchio and the crazy constable from Canada were a team. Somehow, fate and all the saints had conspired to make sure that another partnership had been born. Kowalski and Fraser were friends; more, they were partners.

By this point in time, he was pulling his car into the evening traffic. Just after rush hour, not too busy. Harding Welsh drove with a smile on his face. Kowalski's handling of IA had been a vintage performance... one he would relish for a long time... and the look on Brandauer's face when the lineup went wrong - oh, if he could only have had a camera at that moment.

Kowalski and Fraser had disappeared from the party to follow up on the arrests that they had made earlier in the day. He hadn't quite figured out what they had been doing in the cemetery in the first place, but he figured he was better off not asking - they'd tell him if he needed to know.

Driving home, there was a wry grin on Harding Welsh's face. His worries had been completely unfounded. The new guy would fit right in with his squad, and he was warped enough that he and the Mountie seemed to be another partnership that would produce results; or, as Kowalski had put it the day Fraser had returned home from Canada, the new guy and the constable had formed a 'duet'.

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